Linux Network Services- SFTP configuration

Installing and Configuring SFTP Task:
I have configured a user named: siva following the steps dictated in the task,
below the procedure I followed:
#groupadd sftpusers
#mkdir -p /var/www/nfsshare
#useradd -g sftpusers -p /var/www/nfsshare -s /sbin/nologin siva
#passwd siva
After inserting the password.
Changing the ownership:
#cd /var/www/nfsshare
#chown -R siva:sftpusers .

Now checking if all the openssh-{clients, server) are available locally:
#rpm -qa| grep ssh
Everything is installed;
Now, editing the /etc/ssh/sshd_config
I have changed one line regarding the

**#Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server** (changed this line with the one below)
**Subsystem sftp internal-sftp**

**and Added in the end of file this few lines:** 
Match Group sftpusers
ChrootDirectory /var/www/nfsshare
ForceCommand internal-sftp

After that I restared the sshd service, and tested. 
I was able to connect via SFTP and printed the working directory, I even created prior to this test a file and checked with user siva. 
I have tested SSH with siva, but connection refused. (No account with this name)
And still got the task failed. Stating that siva was able to SSH. really weird. 
Please any one from the Kodekloud community, can you assess my work? and make sure I haven't bottled any step.. 
Appreciate it, thank you.

Apologies for the command ‘useradd’ in the previous post, it is -d instead of -p.
and the groupadd was optional.

@Sierrabravo98 this is marked success for you.