Linux Network Services - Apache not running on app1 port 8088

Hi Team,


Please check my attached screenshots and guide me to the correct solution.

  1. On stapp01 httpd(Apache) was not running port 8088.
  2. On the same port 8080 sendmail was running, so i killed it. (PID 209)
  3. Restarted the Apache.
  4. Also verified it was reachable from jump host server.
  5. But still failed the task.

What did i do wrong?

PS:I am unable to add multiple screenshots. only one is allowed as i am new user.


After starting apache service you only tested from stapp01 not from jump host. There were some remaining settings need to be done to make it accessible from jump host:


Thank you Inderpreet

Hi Team

My task also got marked failed as I used the firewalld to allow the httpd port 3004 and was able to telnet the same from Jump host and was able to run the httpd service after stopping the sendmail.
Please look into it, as task was completed instead of using ip tables I used firewalld.


I believe there was already iptables firewall install, did you install firewalld there ?

Yes, I installed the firewalld.

@rohit.tiwari You must had to add iptables rule instead rather than installing firewalld, its wasn’t asked in the question.


same issue with me also. kindly help
curl is working but it shows iptable firewall service stopped. @Inderpreet @rohit.tiwari @AshokNGowda

Make sure once Apache is up its accessible from jump host as well using curl.