Linux first task

i just want to know why i had to make o+rx
i made the permission that all + x but it didn’t work
can anyone tell me why my answer was wrong ?

Hi @tariikmohammedmohamm ,
Before that, we need to take a look at the task description. Maybe it is written in the task details.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana
There are new requirements to automate a backup process that was performed manually by the xFusionCorp Industries system admins team earlier. To automate this task, the team has developed a new bash script They have already copied the script on all required servers, however they did not make it executable on one the app server i.e App Server 1 in Stratos Datacenter.

Please give executable permissions to /tmp/ script on App Server 1. Also make sure every user can execute it.

Hi @tariikmohammedmohamm ,
Thank you for your question, To execute the script you need first read it :smile: it’s why you need to add +rx (Read and Execute). It’s the same thing also for write

Hope my answer help you

hello @mmkmou thanks for answering your answer helped me but i am asking why i give per for others not the user only but i realized that i give per to other to ex the script with different users or my thought is wrong ?

As Other user need to execute it, you need to give him access also