Linux Firewalld Setup Issue

Pls help check where I´m wrong. I have attach the screen shots.

pix_3 pix_4

What is the assignment? Are you trying to configure the firewall so that requests to the web server come through?

Also, you have Apache and Nginx running, you should probably only use one or the other.

@HerrSubset Thanks for the reply. The question is in the screenshot

@player001 @Inderpreet Any suggestion on this issue? @sunthar Any hint on this?

@Effiok Can you please put it in review so that we can look into the work you have done to identify why it failed for you.

what is the error message you received after you submitted the task?

@sunthar…403 Forbidden error

@Effiok hope you received my message, try the task again and also do the testing using the below commands


From Jump Host

curl -I <app-server-IP_01> :<nginx_port>
curl -I <app-server-IP_02> :<nginx_port>
curl -I <app-server-IP_03> :<nginx_port>

From LB host

curl -I <app-server_IP_01 > :<nginx_port>
curl -I <app-server_IP_02> :<nginx_port>
curl -I <app-server-IP_03> :<nginx_port>

curl -I <app-server-IP_01> :<apache_port>
curl -I <app-server-IP_02> :<apche_port>
curl -I <app-server-IP_03> :<apache_port>

@sunthar Thanks. Still same issue

@Inderpreet I have submitted task. It success, but when I curl from jump_host & LBR, it failed with 403 Forbidden error.

@Effiok maybe because there is no content (index.html) in web server’s document root.