Linux Firewalld Setup - Issue


After configuring the service firewalld in 2 of the 3 app servers, I received the following error message while trying to start the firewalld service on stapp03:

I ran the:

  1. $sudo systemctl start firewalld
  2. $sudo systemctl enable firewalld
  3. $sudo systemctl status firewalld

running the last command is where I noticed the error. I tried to run firewalld commands unsuccessfully.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Magalhães

Is it possible for you to write the output of systemctl status firewalld ?

Hello Nasri,

I pressed “try it later” button so I can try again when I’m at home (I was running out on time). At this point the only output I have from the firewalld status are the first lines in my screenshot.

So, tried again, first two servers no problems whatsoever (I used a different order this time stapp03; stapp01) but when I got to stapp02, installed firewalld, no errors during start of service, but again, when I run systemctl status firewalld, I get an error.
(also tried with service firewalld start & then status with same results)

What’s happening?

Solved the issue.

systemctl restart dbus

and then:
systemctl restart firewalld

fixed the error. Completed the task.