Linux Firewalld Setup - Issue


After configuring the service firewalld in 2 of the 3 app servers, I received the following error message while trying to start the firewalld service on stapp03:

I ran the:

  1. $sudo systemctl start firewalld
  2. $sudo systemctl enable firewalld
  3. $sudo systemctl status firewalld

running the last command is where I noticed the error. I tried to run firewalld commands unsuccessfully.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Magalhães

Is it possible for you to write the output of systemctl status firewalld ?

Hello Nasri,

I pressed “try it later” button so I can try again when I’m at home (I was running out on time). At this point the only output I have from the firewalld status are the first lines in my screenshot.

So, tried again, first two servers no problems whatsoever (I used a different order this time stapp03; stapp01) but when I got to stapp02, installed firewalld, no errors during start of service, but again, when I run systemctl status firewalld, I get an error.
(also tried with service firewalld start & then status with same results)

What’s happening?

Solved the issue.

systemctl restart dbus

and then:
systemctl restart firewalld

fixed the error. Completed the task.

could you please let me know.
are we supposed to make any changes to nginx conf file in application servers?

did you make any changes to nginx conf file?

Please put the original question then I can answer, I have no idea what you are asking.

linux firewall setup task.

In this question you do not need to change anything in nginx/apache configuration file, the key is that you must use firewall-cmd " rich-rules"

Look it up on the google.