Linux find command - failed

Hi everyone,

Does anyone knows why my task has marked as failed?

Think I did everything correct as below:



Would you please give us the review url or at least put the question here?

This is the instructions:

During a routine security audit, the team identified an issue on the Nautilus App Server. Some malicious content was identified within the website code. After digging into the issue they found that there might be more infected files. Before doing a cleanup they would like to find all similar files and copy them to a safe location for further investigation. Accomplish the task as per the following requirements:

a. On App Server 2 at location /var/www/html/media find out all files (not directories) having .php extension.

b. Copy all those files along with their parent directory structure to location /media on same server.

c. Please make sure not to copy the entire /var/www/html/media directory content.

Hi Nasri, see below the instructions

I am focusing only this line and not seeing in your result.

Think it missed an parameter … will try again

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