Linux Bash Scripts_failed

Hi Team,

I have performed task and I am able to locate file in both app server and backup server. Still my task marked as failed.

can someone let me know what is wrong.

Please note sudo before your zip command during your testing script asked you sudo user password once and once you entered that manually it didn’t ask for same again when you tested again. But the test script might have stuck where your bash script asked for sudo user (tony) password. I hope it clears your doubt why zip was not created hence sent to the destination.

For more information refer here : LInux bash script is failing

Thanks Sathish. I understood now.

You can redo the task. Just click on right mark on my answer here!/task_review?task_id=5f78920eec2bece1671e25f4

More information is here : Updates coming! Review, Assist and Retry features