Linux Banner Task: issue with scp to DB server


While attempting the above mentioned task, I am facing issues while doing scp to DB server from the jump_start server. I have attached the screenshoot for your reference.
Could you please check and advise.

I have performed the following steps.

sudo scp -r /root/nautilus_banner tony@]:/tmp

sudo scp -r /root/nautilus_banner steve@

sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner banner@

sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner peter@

Hello, @bhusan.binay
Please give some space between openssh-clients and -y.

$ sudo yum install openssh-clients -y

If you already know the password and user identity. You don’t require to use “sudo” beginning of the ssh command.

$ ssh peter@

$ scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner banner@

Both should be work without use of sudo.
We use sudo, only for internal core services which normal user cannot access.

Thanks @player001 (Tej) for pointing the mistake. I was able to complete the task now.