Linux Banner task exercise help

Hi guys,

Quick question for you all, I failed this task due to “Banner has not been set up on DB server”

Now i couldn’t scp to DB server, it kept giving me the msg below,
is it to do with openssh client? if so what can one to do solve this …
Also i was not able to ssh from any server to db … can someone explain this clearly please.

bash: scp: command not found
lost connection

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would i need to ssh in to DB and install openssh client ?? if so how do ssh when i tried from all servers and it kept giving the prompt again as if i put incorrect password…
please shine some light on this!!!

sudo yum install openssh-clients -y
sudo - to access half root user control
yum - to install packages
-y - yes

above command will provide a features of scp command.
sometimes package is not proper installed in server so it gives an error.
after installation you can access scp command.
scp command is used to copy one to other server in secure way.

thanks @player001 for the input, however I wasn’t even able to ssh in to DB from any server tho… so not sure how I was going to run the following cmds

check proper ip addr of DB server. Try from jump_host server.

I had exactly the same problem with that exercise; i.e. no way to get the banner onto the DB server.

@player001 thanks for your response, however I was not able to ssh from jump server and I made sure I was using the correct user and IP of DB server… :confused:

@CalicoCat were you able to ssh to the DB server from jump server or any of the App servers ? It’s been awhile since I got that assignment but I want to say that, yes, I could ssh into the database sever. I just couldn’t scp to/from the DB server. I couldn’t seem to curl/wget the banner file after deploying it to Apache HTTP server either if I can recall correctly.

Looking back on it I should have checked the netfilter/iptables rules on the DB server to see what if any network traffic was being blocked or dropped.

then you have to contact with KKE support team, may be technical issue.

@player001 Thanks I will reach out to them

@CalicoCat ughhh yea, in order to install SCP we need to execute openssh-client, but that’s if you can ssh to server itself

@kodekloud-support3 my username is Can you please advise why I was not able to ssh in DB server from any APP server or Jump server. it kept prompting for password as if I put incorrect password

So after getting this assignment more than once I found that you need to explore other ways of getting that file over to the server … (hint: SFTP).

1)sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner tony@
ssh tony@stapp01
cd /tmp
sudo mv nautilus_banner /etc/motd

repeat above for all 3 app servers

Now db server
1)ssh peter@
sudo yum install openssh-clients-y
sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner peter@
ssh peter@stdb01
cd /tmp
sudo mv nautilus_banner /etc/motd

now ssh tony@stapp01, ssh steve@stapp02, ssh banner@stapp03, ssh peter@stdb01

upon login you should see Nautilus_banner for all 3 app servers and 1 db server

Good Luck!!

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