Linux Banner failed in spite of getting ti done

I executed the task Linux Banner and the task failed with below error:

Task Status - Failed

Banner has not been set up on DB server

But the banner was added to DB server as intended, here are a few screenshots.

did you get it working?

1)sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner tony@
ssh tony@stapp01
cd /tmp
sudo mv nautilus_banner /etc/motd

repeat above for all 3 app servers

Now db server
1)ssh peter@
sudo yum install openssh-clients-y
sudo scp -r /tmp/nautilus_banner peter@
ssh peter@stdb01
cd /tmp
sudo mv nautilus_banner /etc/motd

now ssh tony@stapp01, ssh steve@stapp02, ssh banner@stapp03, ssh peter@stdb01

upon login you should see Nautilus_banner for all 3 app servers and 1 db server

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Hello @KodeKloud …this banner exercise seem to have multiple options.
What i did is instead of copying file to motd, i copied file to /etc/profile.d/ and the added a script to cat the nautilus_banner. I validated by logging out from the app and db servers and logging back in that contents are getting displayed.
Please let me know what is expectation from this task ?

I received below message. See attached screenshot for verification.banner-screens.pdf (418.1 KB)

Task Status - Failed
  • Banner has not been set up on app server 1

You may check your work again to see what went wrong. The environment expires in 5 minutes. If you think you did your work correctly and is marked failed, please take outputs/screenshot of your work and post in

@admins any update here ?

@k8suser what is your KKE username ?

@admins is there a way to respond privately ?