Linux bah scripts task failed- I did correct

Hi Team, @player001 @Inderpreet
I did below steps and even backup is also available in backup server but still task failed.

  1. ssh steve@stapp02

  2. cd scripts

  3. vi
    script content is
    zip -r /backup/ /var/www/html/media
    scp /backup/ clint@stbkp01:/backup/

  4. back to root folder

  5. ssh-keygen

  6. ssh-copy-id -f clint@stbkp01

Finally went to scripts folder and run the bash scripts by this command


verified that backup file is also there in backup server

Can you please specify the lab name and question number please so that i could help you.

Lab name is Linux Bash scripts and question number is 24

question is below

The production support team of xFusionCorp Industries is working on developing some bash scripts to automate different day to day tasks. One is to create a bash script for taking websites backup. They have a static website running on App Server 2 in Stratos Datacenter , and they need to create a bash script named which should accomplish the following tasks. (Also remember to place the script under /scripts directory on App Server 2 )

a. Create a zip archive named of /var/www/html/ecommerce directory.

b. Save the archive in /backup/ on App Server 2 . This is a temporary storage, as backups from this location will be clean on weekly basis. Therefore, we also need to save this backup archive on Nautilus Backup Server .

c. Copy the created archive to Nautilus Backup Server server in /backup/ location.

d. Please make sure script won’t ask for password while copying the archive file. Additionally, the respective server user (for example, tony in case of App Server 1 ) must be able to run it.

Can you please provide me its link?

please find the link of review!/task_review?task_id=6094a20ef37a8c281ccee7bc

Any update on this one?

hi @sunny4459, as per question, you need to make script run from the respective user of App Server 2 instead of user root.

Thanks @rahul456 .How can i redo the task again now?

@sunny4459, please refrer this