Linux Archives Task failed

Task Linux Archives failed even though javed.tar.gz file was present in the /home directory.

command used to make the file: sudo tar -czvf /data/javed.tar.gz
file was moved to the /home directory with: sudo mv javed.tar.gz /home/
File was present in the directory after ls command was ran.

Please advise on what cause the task to fail.

Same issue: ravi.tar.gz is in /home and contains all original data. Please take a look.

Hi @kopcap,

i think you missed compression while archive β€œz”.

@JDev review your tar command. you made a tar.gz from the /home instead of /data/javed directory

Thanks @wfranca I will try again, once the task is available.

Yep, you’re right, but in the task it’s not said that it should be compressed:)


.gz itself means gzip compression, otherwise normal tar archive is not compressed by default. For example there is a difference between file.tar and file.tar.gz.

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Got it! Thanks for clarification)

tar czf jim.tar.gz jim/

  1. c – Create an archive from a file(s) or directory(s).
  2. x – Extract an archive.
  3. r – Append files to the end of an archive.
  4. t – List the contents of the archive.
  5. f_ Refers the file name
    6.z_ Flag to compress the archive using gzip compression method
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I have followed this tutorial & it worked: Linux Archives KodeKloud Solution