Linus SSH Authentication task failed


I have finished the task “Linux SSH Authentication” but it was marked as failed. I am able to login from jump server as user “thor” to all 3 app servers without password. I also enabled passwordless sudo for user thor in the app servers and it works. Please see the attached snapshot. Please may I know why the task was marked failed?


Hi Divya,

I believe you need to establish a trusted relationship ( passwordless authentication ) from thor@jump_host to tony@stapp01, steve@stapp02 and banner@stapp03

Looks like you have establish passwordless auth from thor@jump_host to thor@ALLAPPS.



Thanks for the update. I now realize I had understood the question differently. Do I get another chance to try it the way you mentioned? Thanks!

can you please share with ?

Sorry I didn’t get you, please may I know what details need to be shared?

My question was if I can have a second try on the “Linux SSH Authentication” task, as I had understood the question in the wrong way and failed the task. Can I try it again? My profile name is Divya K P.

what should i do ?

i tried to open the flux between the jump and the server but it’ not working ?

@kodekloud-support3 Could you please let me know if I can try the task again, based on the scenario you mentioned? It seems I had understood the question differently and that was why I created passwordless access for user thor to all app servers. I would like to try it for the sudo users as you said now. Is it possible to get another chance to try the same question or will it remain as failed? Please let me know. Thanks!

It will be reassign in future so don’t worry for that. Be ready for upcoming tasks.

okay got it, thank you!