Labs- switching and routing

Question 7
Now if you try to SSH into each app one by one from jump host you will find that you are able to SSH into app01 and app02 but not into app03 and app04 . Why so ?

What is the ssh command to jump host from app01 to app02 to check if its working?
because i know we cannot jump to app03 and app04 because they are on different network range.

Question 8
Assign a new IP address to jump host with same network range which app03 and app04 are using.

I assigned the new address sudo ip addr add dev eth0 but still not working. what is the issue?

Hence i cannot perform Question 9. Please help.

You added ip addr but have you checked is it in active mode?


Q7 is a multiple choice question right ? You just need to choose the correct answer why you are not able to SSH into app03 and app04 from jump host.

Q8. After assigning the new IP what output you see on jump host after running ip a command ? Also how you are testing further?

Hi, I could not find a answer for 7th question. could you please someone give me the answer for this?


here ask about app3 and app4. How it’s possible to active 4 apps using single ip?switching&routing2

Hi All!
Thanks for reporting , we will fix that ASAP and keep you updated.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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is there any update on this issue, how can verify ssh for app01-04?

The new IP need to be assigned to jump host, As that IP is of same range what app3 and app4 are using so once added you will be able to SSH into these apps from jump host.

This isn’t fixed yet?? Facing the same issue.
Please share answers after every lab exercise.

This isn’t fixed yet?? I got same issue. Please Update

I’m having the same issue. April 2021

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Hi Team, I am still facing the issue in Question 7 and not able to proceed. May2021.


Please help with password to SSH each app server

Hello ,

Still facing the issue. Not able to solve question 7 onwards. Please help and share answers.

still facing same issue in this lab execrise