Labs not loading on Kodekloud engineer

Hi @Inderpreet @rahul456 @KodeKloud Team,
I am facing this issue since past 2 days!
Please take a look.

Hi @Ashu27

Sorry for this issue, have you already tried different browser/network ?

Also which task/lab you are trying to load ?

“Fix Database issue in K8s Application”
This one @Inderpreet

Hi @Ashu27

We might need a fix for this lab. Can you please check if you can see another task assigned to you?

That means I need to Skip this task using the option available?

Yes, please try that.

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It’s already visible as “Skipped” on the portal.

Are you able to see any new assigned task ?

Hey @Inderpreet, yes I’ve got a new task.

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