Labs: Case Statements

Hello @KodeKloud

It seems to be confusing questions of these labs:

  1. This question says “Execute the script with a number as an argument” but this script doesn’t need an argument, the example you provide confirms that you don’t need a number as an argument.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 10.03.35 AM

  1. This question says “Do not make any other changes to the script other than fixing the error”, but this question is not about troubleshooting (fixing an error), it’s about modify the code to implement case statement.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 10.20.23 AM

Maybe you can help beginners with these little modifications and be careful when copy and paste text from other questions.

Hi @andrescaroc,

Thank you for your feedback, KK team will look into it.