Lab Remote repositories - Issues with gitea

Hi all,
I am struggling with the labcalled Remote repositories where you are supposed to create repository on gitea.
The web interface is in russian and I can’t find any menus (even in english) which helps me to create a new repository.
Do you guys have the same issue ?

Hello, @lionel
You can change language from bottom right.

Thanks, it s better !
However in a lab it says “change on the project through settings menu, contributors rights”
I could not find it :frowning:
Have you for an idea ?
Thanks a lot

Click on the given repository name --> settings (right side) --> collaborators. Search for members and give correct permissions.

everything works better today. I dont know if it was related to the lab or my computer. Screens are different and I have more options displayed.
Thanks I will close this issue !

Welcome. You can ask your query any time in this forum.