Lab: Rebasing Issue

Hello @KodeKloud team,

Between question 8 and 9 of the story, “Sarah” continues to update her story and made two new commits on the story/hare-and-tortoise:

  1. Update hare-and-tortoise story
  2. Finish hare-and-tortoise story

Those are on top of the first commit of this series with the commit message “Add first draft of hare-and-tortoise story”

But I think the underlying script that should add those two “update story” commits is failing because they are not in reflected in the git log, please check:

So in question 9 where I’m supposed to make an interactive rebase of the three subsequents commits of the same topic, I can’t because there is only the first draft.

Please check.

Hello @andrescaroc,

We check it and It’s working fine. so try to restart the lab by refreshing the page and do it again.