Lab not starting - Sorry, invalid request was made


I am unable to connect to my task as after clicking I am getting below error:

Sorry, invalid request was made.

Please contact

Could you please check it out before my task expires? @mmumshad @Inderpreet @Lakshmi

My KodeKloud id:

Ankur Garg

Had the same problem with a different task a few moments ago. It seems like a general issue.

Hi, As per mumshad! They are having some issue in EMEA region in the LABS. Due to this labs are not working…

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Thanks for the update.

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Sorry when is this issue going to be fixed?

If the labs are not starting, at least let the exercise be shown, so we can do the tasks on our local lab

Hello, @mtahmasebi118
please try with opera browser and use VPN to US or APAC region and try accessing the labs again.

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Actually it doesn’t work even with opera’s USA VPN,

Issue is fixed, Labs are working fine now.