Lab bug in Functions and Conditional Expressions

The bug starts on question 5 or 6.
Like in this picture, the answer should be 7, but whatever answer you choose, it will give you an error.

checking this now…

Hi, I tested it and did not find an issue. The answer is 7 and when clicked it proceeds to the next question.

Is that not what you are seeing ?

These are my captures and file.
Strangely, none of these options is right.
Could you help me to figure out my mistakes?

resource “aws_iam_user” “cloud” {
name = split(":", var.cloud_users)[count.index]
count = length(split(":", var.cloud_users))

May I ask which scenario you are using? Also, could you send us the output of the logs? Its just below the “Hints” button.

I mailed you the log file. Please check.