Kubernetes troubleshooting - task broken

@Inderpreet @mmumshad

I fixed the yml file and everything is working propely but my task failed with the message Pod is not running, but as shown in the screenshot it is running

Hi @bogdanovic

Sorry for this issue, can you please try again this task ?

If it is not fixed, wouldn’t this happen again?
I cannot redo the task as it is failed.

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Its already fixed, so were asked to re-try. You can ask for review and can retry.

or, have you already tried after review ?

I did not ask for a review yet.
But if I ask for a review I will get half the points, originally I would have gotten 1000 + 500 as I finished it quickly. If I ask for a review it would most probably be 500+250.

What is your KKE username or email ?

my email is ----
Edited it out now :slight_smile: as it’s resolved

Marked it pending for you, please try now.

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Thank you, it worked now.