Kubernetes Sidecar Containers - lab seems to have issues

Hi @nashwan,

I just noticed that the task stated:

  1. Mount volume /var/log/nginx on both containers

But your manifest shows that nginx-container mountPath is different.

@kleansoul nice. … :+1:

@kleansoul thanks, but remember the fail error is talking about the command I ran. do you see any issues with the command?

@nashwan yes I understand the error is different. But with my experience few times the validation error is misleading. So worth retrying it with it and see! Hope it helps.

@kleansoul thank you very much. Wont be able to retry it though. Since already failed.

@nashwan we can mark it Pending for you. Did you already get your today’s task ?

@Inderpreet please, that would be good if I can redo this task.

@andrzej, which link?? please share again…

@andrzej, Thank you. His command looks like same as your shared link.
what is the difference you noticed?/ where is the wrong in his command?

Proper way to use shell cmds

command: ["/bin/sh"]
args: ["-c", "while true; do echo hello; sleep 10;done"]

And yes it works as well with different combination but it seems that KKE verification algorithm works based on this.

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@nashwan Let me know if you have your today’s task in your bucket ? We can mark this one Pending for you as it seems to be some validation issue.

@Inderpreet I havent got my task for today

@nashwan task is marked Success for you and a new task should be there as well.

@Inderpreet its still showing as failed in my board? I would appreciate if you check it again

@nashwan should be fine now.

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@Inderpreet Thank you very much