Kubernetes shared Task failed

Hi , I belive I am seeing all the results but the task is marked as failed. Can you please take a look.

content of file ‘/tmp/cluster/media.txt’ is not ‘Welcome to xFusionCorp Industries!’ in second container ‘volume-container-xfusion-2’

I logged in to both the containers and able to see media.txt in both the containers.


@hussain, as per question, you need to create file media.txt with content Welcome to xFusionCorp Industries! instead of touch file.

@rahul456 Thanks for pointing out this. Though its a simple one but it shows the lack of attention to detail. Also I wanted to point out that there is a small mistake in the question please correct it.

For the second container creation in the command it must be “/bin/bash” “-c” but only “c” is given which is causing the container to crash.

can you kindly check on this

@hussain, thanks for the update.