Kubernetes Lab Expiring

Hi, I am facing an issue with one of the labs. CKA lightning lab # 1, while I am working the environment automatically expires, even though I have time left on the quiz portal. Because of the environment’s expiry, I lose all my progress and I have to start over again.

Hello @szeeshan
thanks for ur feedback, And we will check it.
But could you please tell me how much time was left in the timer?

It was like 15-20 minutes.
So mad right now. Just gave practice test 2, I was on the last question last part fixing a small issue, I still had 2 minutes left, when suddenly the environment expired, and I lost all my progress of one hour. Am I supposed to restart from the beginning now?

old environment is really buggy in terms of dis-connectivity and progress saving. Please shift all your labs to the new environment.