Kubernetes CKA certification

Hello guys,

I’m preparing CKA certification, but I’m new with Kubernetes I have no work experience, and would like to know if it’s possible for me to succeed to this certification. Is there someone in the same case who successfully completed it ? Could you share experience please ?


Hello Amos,

The course and practice tests with mock exams and be comfortable with the documentation are enough for the exam.

Same here. I finished the Kube for beginner and now I moved on to the CKA course. I think all I need is here at KodeKloud but my track might look like this:
KK Kubernetes beginner --> KK for CKA --> Kubernetes the hard way on GitHub --> KK CKA practice exams.
CKA comes with one free retake so I am not too worried. Best of luck to both of us :slight_smile:

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I have recently completed Docker Kubernetes certification from Tekslate. They help me alot to complete CKA certification with mock tests.

Hello, @Amos
There is no work experience required to achieve this certification. Many community members achieved their goals without any prior experience. You have to just schedule your learning phase. You can watch this video to make schedule and let’s get started with k8s journey.

Right now, discount offers also going on till 12/08/2020 in CKA/CKAD/CKS.

The Linux Foundation Sale for CKA/CKAD/CKS certifications are on now. If you plan to get certified anytime within the next year, then this is the time to purchase the certifications at a discounted price from Linux Foundation.Go to this link to get the certification: kub.to/cybermonday

  • Purchase is valid for one year.
  • You have 2 attempts to clear each exam within the next year.
  • Please use the coupon code CYBERSALE40 ($180 instead of $300 ) while purchasing individual exams and use below links:

CKA: kub.to/admin
CKAD: kub.to/dev
CKS: kub.to/sec
Note: You can get bundle of Exam + Linux Foundation Course for an extra $19 (ie. $199) using the bundles available at the link: kub.to/cybermonday. Some of the bundles are cheaper and more value for money when compared to purchasing exams alone. Eg: CKA + CKAD Exams alone purchased separately costs $360. But CKA + CKAD bundle costs $349 and also comes with LF Courses. The same goes with CKA + CKS bundle.


I’m taking the course of kubernetes for the absolute beginners - Hands on.

In order to taste my knowledge, i’ve connected to kodekloud and started to do the first lab but i faced a problem.

When I write the command I have this message.

controlplane $ kubectl get pods
No resources found in default namespace.

Can you help me please, to continue the lab.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,


Hello, @siw
Because there is no pods deployed yet.
You can deploy by running the below commands:

$ kubectl run testing --image=nginx
### After that run 
$ kubectl get pods