Kubernetes basic auth

On Udemy course, I tried to configure basic authentication, I have set everything correct in the kubeapiserver manifest file, all of a sudden the respective container goes down and the following error is shown in the container log.
Error: unknown flag: --basic-auth-file


Hello, @Nasri
I think it’s completely removed from the new version of k8s.
You can check the following commands from here:

Thank you so much, is there any equivalent for basic auth?

I am not aware. May be other members will respond.


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–basic-auth-file flag has been removed on Kubernetes v1.19. On the release notes for v1.19 https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/release/notes it says:

ACTION REQUIRED: Support for basic authentication via the --basic-auth-file flag has been removed. Users should migrate to --token-auth-file for similar functionality. (#89069, @enj) [SIG API Machinery]