Keyboard Layout


Why the keyboard of the terminal on practices is not EN?

When I used the vi editor I lost the “:” key :’(

Thanks a lot

@alvarolinarescabre , Can you please elaborate on the issue with feedback so that we can analyze the issue.


Yes, of courses…When I usted the terminal Katakoda on the practices I saw the Keyboard Layout is not on english…

I rey to change that but it’s impossible… I need the colon “:” Key to used on vi editor and it’s loosed on the Keyboard because the Layout is not on english…

Thanks a lot

Hello, @alvarolinarescabre
Can you please try in chromium browser?

You can use firefox or chromium and it should work. Unfortunately I lost 2 weeks of paid learning time without any response from support.

This and the frequent environment errors have made me cancel my subscription.

Hello, @jdp
Sorry for your bad experience. We ensure that it will not happen again in the future.