K8s-replicaset failed


My replicaset task got failed with error as label has not set . Attaching my pods status and labels shows app=httpd_app.

Can you advise what went wrong ?

Hello, @kgaz
Can you please share the image of task? Have you assigned the label to Replicaset?

Hi @player001

i have used image as httpd:latest. please refer the above screenshot for confirmation.

i have set labels as below in my replicaset yaml file.

app: httpd_app
type: front-end

hi @kgaz, can you please share your KKE user name ?

my KKE id is k.gopi1@outlook.com

@kgaz, this is marked as pending for you, please give it an another try

Hi @rahul456,

my bad :frowning: still getting same error.

@kgaz I think as per question the labels were supposed to be added for replicaset (under metadata). This is from your original answer you added them under template instead.

Screenshot from 2020-09-12 11-41-13