Just passed the CKAD exam

Hi @KodeKloud @mmumshad & everyone!

I have just passed the CKAD and would like to thank everyone at KodeKloud for helping me along the way. There is NO way that I (with a background as a musician and budding web dev) could have done this without all of the amazing resources available here.

Thanks again and keep putting out awesome courses!


Congratulations for the CKAD!

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Thank you Mando! I appreciate it.

Congratulations @juliettet. Was the CKAD Kodekloud course alone sufficient or you used other resources as well for your preparation?

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Congratulations @juliettet :grinning: :+1:

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Congradulations @juliettet

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Congratulations ! @juliettet

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Congrats!!! That is a fantastic achievement!

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Thank you @phantomsg!

I started this journey a few years ago with introductory (& intermediate) Kubernetes & Docker courses on Pluralsight & on Udemy. After taking a few of Mumshad’s courses at Udemy, I came over to KodeKloud to take the DevOps Pre-requisites course, the Linux Basics course, the CKAD course, & I also signed to for KodeKloud engineer. I also signed up for CKAD prep courses at Linux Academy & Pluralsight, read several e-books (and blogs), practiced (in addition to the practice labs here) on multiple clusters on my machine, etc…

Learning tmux was a bonus. I hated it at first, but now I quite like working with it.

Time saving tip(s):

Use :set paste before pasting from the Kubernetes docs into the vi/vim editor to avoid major formatting errors!!

Also, make sure that any imperative commands used have not been deprecated with recent updates, etc… Some blog posts available can be outdated with regards to imperative commands.



I also made it made it a point to always declare a namespace when creating/editing any resources (even if in the default namespace…ie., -n default). I made it a point to practice this way…so as not to forget to pay attention to the namespace of an object, etc…

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Thank you @player001!

Thank you very much @mihsan!

Thank you @Mraheemuddin and welcome to the community!

Thank you very much @samer!

Well done!! :muscle: :muscle:

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Thank you @jtapia05!

Well done. Congratulations. Musician to Kubernetes Specialist!! Woooot! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Thank you @mmumshad!

This would not have happened had I not stumbled upon your courses over at Udemy a few years back. I was really in need of learning some of the basic Linux/DevOps prerequisites required for learning Kubernetes. KodeKoud has helped me to gain an understanding of the foundation that lies beneath it all.

Thanks again:-) :boom: :100: