Just passed CKS exam ! Thank's @Mumshad Mannambeth & @Vijin Palazhi another . . .

Luis Leon Toribios:
Just passed CKS exam !! Thank’s @Mumshad Mannambeth & @Vijin Palazhi another time like CKA, a great and fun learning method for Kubernetes
luis-alberto-len-toribios-certified-kubernetes-security-specialist-cks-certificate.pdf (496 KB)

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing @Luis Leon Toribios!! Congratulations!

Hi @Luis Leon Toribios congratulations.
I participated in the beta, and just missed the required score. I’m planning for my retake soon. There were a fed odd things in the beta. We didn’t have the “notepad” in the browser, and we couldn’t redirect stdout to a file. I was wondering if that was resolved in the final exam?

Gaurav Karki:
Congratulation @Luis Leon Toribios

Luis Leon Toribios:
Thanks @Ted! I saw the notepad in the browser but I didn’t use it, regarding the stdout I was able to use it without problems.

Vijin Palazhi:
congratulations @Luis Leon Toribios That is great new indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Dinesh Pola:
Congrats @Luis Leon Toribios!!

kok leong soo:
I will be next in coming months :blush: