Jenkins Multi Stage Pipeline Failed

Hi @rahul456, @KodeKloud & everyone,

I have just failed the Jenkins Multi Stage Pipeline task:

The task:

  • The development team of xFusionCorp Industries is working on to develop a new static website and they are planning to deploy the same on Nautilus App Servers using Jenkins pipeline. They have shared their requirements with the DevOps team and accordingly we need to create a Jenkins pipeline job. Please find below more details about the task:

  • Click on the + button in the top left corner and select option Select port to view on Host 1, enter port 8081 and click on Display Port. You should be able to access the Jenkins login page. Login using username theadmin and Adm!n321 password.

  • In the same way you can access Gitea UI on port 8000; username and password for Git is sarah and Sarah_pass123 respectively. There under user sarah you will find a repository named web that is already cloned on Storage server under /home/sarah/web. sarah is a developer who is working on this repository.

  • We have already cloned repository on Storage Server under /home/sarah/web. Update the content of the file index.html under the same repository to Welcome to xFusionCorp Industries and push the changes to the origin into master branch.

  • Apache is already installed on all app Servers its running on port 8080.

  • Create a Jenkins pipeline job named deploy-job (it must not be a Multibranch pipeline job) and pipeline should have two stages Deploy and Test ( which is case sensitive ). Configure these stages as per details mentioned below.

    - a. The `Deploy stage` should `deploy` the code from `web` repository under `/data` on `Storage Server`, as this location is already `mounted` to the document root `/var/www/html` of all app servers.
    - b. The `Test stage` should test your latest changes if deployed correctly. Its `up to you how you design this stage` to test your changes, you `can` simply add a `curl` command as well to run a `curl against the LBR URL` to see if your latest pushed changes are visible on the website. `Make sure this stage fails in case the changes mentioned in this question aren't deployed correctly` or `if Deploy stage fails`.
  • LB server is already configured. Click on the + button in the top left corner and select option Select port to view on Host 1, enter port 80 and click on Display Port. You should be able to see the latest changes you made. Please make sure the required content is loading on the main URL https://<LBR-URL> i.e there should not be a sub-directory like https://<LBR-URL>/web etc.

The Test stage ran 3 successful curl commands:

I also ran curl from the Storage Server:

…more screenshots:

I can’t see what went wrong here.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help:-)

I can’t see anything wrong either. Although you have not posted your pipeline code here, looking at the logs I can guess how it looks like.

To me, this looks more like a verification error.

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hi @juliettet, can you please share (DM) your pipeline script and the solution video ?

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Hi @rahul456,

I do not have a video recording, but I am going to DM you my script.



hi @juliettet, seems like you have completed your task.

Hi @rahul456,

I have been assigned the same task a second time. I passed the 2nd one, the first one is still under review until I click on a comment in the review section. I guess that I’ll just do it again:-)