Jenkins deployment task failed

i am trying to do a task in jenkins for autotrigger git check-in to place on httpd root folder, i have tried in many ways but same error is presented not sure its just my way or validation error.
(looks like i cannot upload a video)

will try to get screenshots in few mins.

The problem was you used sed -i 's/80/8088/g' /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf . This will run fine the first time. However, the second time the same job is run, it will replace 8088 with 808888 (all occurrences of 80 will be replaced). This caused your Apache server not to start up. You wouldn’t have noticed, but the verification process will run the build again. So my advice is to match the full line Listen 80 rather than just 80.

Update: I noticed that you created a separate job httpd_install to set Apache up. As long as you are not running this job twice in the same session, you are fine.

i have done same task with ports 5002, 3004, 8088, getting same error. i see we might have some other issue as well. Will try again with github steps by Prakash, will record again and upload

got the issue, i was doing exactly what i was not suppoesd to do - make a sub-folder. All other steps looked good.

Please make sure the required content is loading on the main URL https://<LBR-URL> i.e there should not be a sub-directory like https://<LBR-URL>/web etc.

Finished my task.