Jenkins Create Scheduled Builds

@Inderpreet @KodeKloud @rahul456

Hi team,
Just did the Jenkins exercise and I get error:

  • seems like job ‘copy-logs’ is not copying the logs on the Storage Server

Not sure why all the scripts run without issue and files are in /usr/share/data/ directory
I just did a recording as well.

Tried to upload the recording but says file don’t authorised
Please kindly check


Plus last job executed at 16:14 that is matching the time entry in storage server /usr/share/data from the screenshoot above

hi @eluctur, can you please share (DM) the solution video.

@rahul456 i cannot upload the solution video.
If i try I get the following

@eluctur, try to convert it to a link, if possible

@rahul456 cannot do it. if you have an email I can send you by email, should works.
But the video is basically what i have atatched where I shows that the job is completed successfully and logs have been copied to Storage server with no issue

hi @eluctur, please share the solution video on email

hi @eluctur, the video you have shared to me is not from the beginning of the task, please share the video from the beginning when you started to attempt this task till end.