Issue with new iptables lab

Getting an error advising I have not added a rule to allow HTTP, as far as I can see I have done what was asked.

(I tried loading the lab again, same issue)

Hi @Rosarch,

Thanks for reporting, KK team is working on it.


I can confirm there is an issue with this lab:

@KodeKloud It seems this isn’t working either:

I opened up a community account just for this. I thought I was going crazy!

I can confirm I’m running into this same issue.

Be patient, they are working on the environment .

Thank you for reporting. This has been fixed. Sorry about that!

I replied to another post, as of now, I experienced the same issue shown in the screen shots.

Hi Vijin/ @KodeKloud @KodeKloud2

sorry it’s not fixed still facing same issue. I tried multiple time but still issue is there. Even after adding the Iptables rules it is still saying not added, also ‘’ always shows up in table as '"

Please, fix it.