Issue in installing MySQL in MySQL lab

I am facing issue in lab of MySQL. I am unable to download sql and sql-server.
please reply.

Also I am facing in other question in MySQL lab

Hello, @kishlay-raj
Please be patience. We are checking.

Hello @kishlay-raj,
You can follow the below steps to download the mysql server package.

Download the file by using the curl command: -

curl -sSLO

After downloading the rpm file, make use of the rpm -ivh command to add into the yum repo: -

sudo rpm -ivh mysql80-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm 

Install the mysql server

sudo yum install mysql-server

Start the mysqld service

sudo service mysqld start

Check the status of mysqld service

sudo systemctl status mysqld

Reference -
MySQL :: Download MySQL Yum Repository

If you would like to download for another OS distribution or different version then add correct rpm file after below link: -

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8


Try it again and let me know,