Is KodeKloud Down?

I can’t access the CKAD practice labs/exam and my CKAD exam is tomorrow…

Hello, @balleste
Can you please share the screenshot? What kind of issue are you facing?


The terminal doesn’t appear (see screenshot). Previous to this, I was in the middle of a practice exam and I got an error saying that the lab session has terminated

Any help to get this resolved ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

Are you facing similar issue with other labs (e.g. Mock 2)?

Yes. I even tried the labs on the CKA course and receive the same issue.

Did you try solution from lab troubleshooting guide?

I was in the middle of the lab, got terminated, and soon after, I can’t bring up the labs. Based on your troubleshooting guide, my IP is blocked (I have no control over it as I’m going through my Internet provider), but a resolution/whitelist ASAP would be great as I am trying to prepare for my exam that is in a few hours.