Is it possible to query the "logs" of the quiz page?

I am tanmai…
Site is wonderful. Especially the labs. Real learning. Thanks to Mumshad and team for setting up such wonderful site.

I have been going to several courses and labs on the site ( recently purchased subscription) , and i realized that , its difficult to keep track of “how much of each course is finished” . I am just attempting the courses as and when i need something in my office.

Then, to keep track of how much i have finished in each, i wanted to setup a process. While trying for this, stumbled upon the “logs” link at the bottom of each quiz page . In that logs file, there are messages like “Current Question number = X”

So my question is , is it possible to query this log file ?
If possible , then i can query this log file using some grep command and then send a git command to tommit that details to my github repo.

Question: Can i query the log file below the quiz ??

Appreciate any responses


Hello, @tanmai
You don’t require to do such things. In the each course, when you will do “Complete and Continue” you can see in the top right side course completion percentage is available.