IPtables Installation And Configuration : Task Failed

@Inderpreet Can you please check this ?
@akshayyw I have referred your answer for this task. Let me know if anything missing.
Following are the commands that I have executed for this task :

  • yum install iptables-services -y
  • systemctl start iptables
  • systemctl status iptables --> Activated
  • systemctl enable iptables
  • iptables -A INPUT --p tcp --dport 8083 -s -j ACCEPT
  • iptables -A INPUT --p tcp --dport 8083 -j DROP
  • service iptables save

Attached here are the snapshots of all three servers (iptables -L).
Also attached curl and telnet command.

Hello, @Aman1011
But I think it’s not reachable as per the image.

@player001 Thanks for pointing it out.

I will be more careful, the next time.