Installed required packages of SElinux on App server 1 in Stratos Datacenter failed!

As requested, I installed SElinux in the App server 1. See steps carried out:

  1. Login into stapp01 via ssh tony@stapp01
  2. Change to root account
  3. install SElinux using "yum -y install selinux*
  4. Edit ‘vi /etc/selinux/config’
  5. SELINUX=disable
  6. Check status sestutas “disable”

After completing the above, please I want to know where did I went wrong. See screenshot below:

Hi @joshua.demebo,
It’s disabled not disable.

KodeKloud Support

Thanks for the reply, I later figure it out that might be the problem. Will it be possible to resist or reassign me that same question so I can correct the mistake?

You need to choose the “Review” option to reattempt this task. @joshua.demebo

I will comment the same in your review post and you have to accept my comment.

Whats the root password here for the thor ?

Hi @devops-vin ,
Make use of the sudo before every command and use the credentials of thor from the link below: -

Example: -

sudo yum install nginx

It will ask for the password, and then enter the password of the thor. Because this user is a sudo user of that server.
We have listed every sudo user in the above link.

Please check this page to know what is sudo.

KodeKloud Support

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