Install Packages Using a Jenkins Job

@makadia.dhaval88 thanks for following up, yes I made it through, really was same attempt as before, but not sure what has gone wrong before, may be it was an environment temporary issue. this time worked. pretty much same aproach as Gustavo done.

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@KodeKloud/@kodekloud3/@Inderpreet/@rahul456 - Hi Team,

I believe this Task can be given heavy weight age as compared to other Tasks like Jenkins Create Parameterized Builds (600 points) OR Jenkins Create Views (800 points) which are more simple than this one.

Just a suggestion from my side :wink:

Not sure why this task is failed… @kodekloudTeam,. Please validate the task

@rajivr321 - What was the error. Did you see all the app servers hostname in System field value when refreshed?

hi @makadia.dhaval88, thanks for your suggestion, we will look into it.