Install & Configure Web application

Need a help in completing this task , i have installed httpd package and changed port from 80 to 8080 in httpd conf file. Now , i am stuck at 3 rd step how to proceed . Could you plz let me know what conf changes i have to do and in which files ?

create virtualhost conf file.

At the third step you need to deploy the files from thor:/home/thor/data and thor:/home/thor/ecommerce onto the shared directory at ststr01:/data and serve it via httpd. I used the scp command to copy the files.

Thanks for reply , could you please let me know from which server i have to copy files /home/thor/beta and ecommerce to storage server ststr01:./data ?

Put it in /var/www/html/ecommerce and /var/www/html/beta and write a virtualhost config file in conf.d of apache and locate this location in that file.

Hope this will give you an idea.

scp -r ecommerce/ natasha@ststor01:/var/www/html

to move complete folder to share storage

I did my task correctly but it marked failed. please could you check it out? thanks