Install and Configure Tomcat on App Server2 Task Failed

i install and configure port successfully but it shows no tomcat server on AppServer2


Please make sure you installed tomcat with sudo yum install tomcat

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I use Following Step but task Failled

scp /tmp/Root.war steve@stapp02:/tmp

ssh steve@stapp02

curl -O
tar xvf apache-tomcat-8.5.58.tar.gz
sudo mv apache-tomcat-8.5.58 apache-tomcat-8
sudo ./apache-tomcat-8/bin/
sudo curl localhost:8080; ps -ef | grep tomcat

sudo sed -i ‘s/8080/6400/g’ apache-tomcat-8/conf/server.xml;
sudo mv /tmp/Root.war apache-tomcat-8/webapps
sudo jar -cvf apache-tomcat-8/webapps/Root.war *
sudo apache-tomcat-8/bin/;sudo apache-tomcat-8/bin/
sudo curl localhost:8089; ps -ef | grep tomcat

And Also it Shows output Perfect

@ghani-sol, as per question, you need to install tomcat using yum

Install the tomcat using the Yum
“sudo yum -y install tomcat”