Install and configure SFTP tasks


any suggestions? should i change port but in question didn’t talk about ports and facing this port error.

@Inderpreet @andrzej can you look into it? It’s a server side error or i did mistake?

Task successfully done.

hi @player001 @Inderpreet @vijin.palazhi @kodekloud-support3 @andrzej @peterwhite
as per install and configure sftp task:
I am verifying my results. can you please check and advise.
if all steps are completed correctly. thank you

thank you, was able to complete the task successfully.

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can you please guide me the steps literally i am stuck in the chown command kindly help @Inderpreet @swaroopcs88 @player001

can you paste your screenshot of what steps you are stuck with?

first i created the user jim by commad
useradd -d /var/www/nfsshare -s /sbin/nologin jim
then i set password for jim
passwd jim
then i make a directory
mkdir -p /var/www/nfsshare
then i install sshd service
yum install ssshd*
then i go to vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and i edit the lines and shared in the screenshot once done i am not able to restart sshd service and i dont know what all i have missed
kindly help
what all the steps i have missed please tell me

kindly hep @swaroopcs88 @player001 @Inderpreet

Hi Karthik,
Could you follow this article and let me know if you are stuck at any point.
I was able to complete the task using this article. ping me for any help.

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sudo systemctl restart sshd.service
try this command.

i am creating useradd -s command i dont have any idea reguarding /bin/false so is it necessary to create user in /bin/false?

hi @swaroopcs88
i have got this connection closed is the result is correct?
i was supposed to do sftp right

even filezilla shows cant connect to server what can be the mistake

First of all you cannot connect this server with Filezilla. It’s a private server.

Do sudo journalctl -xe and share that error output.

Thank you successfully completed the task @player001 @swaroopcs88

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cool @karthikms
congratulations :slight_smile:

@player001 @Inderpreet

Can you guys suggest me how to proceed with this issue.


You get this because the home directory for the user or the ChrootDirectory or chain of folders leading down to it must be owned by root.

Permissions requirements:

Note that the owner of the destination directory must be “root”, and group/other users cannot have write permissions. The same with all the directory path:
chown root /path/to/destination
chown root /path/to
chown root /path

chmod g-w,o-w /path/to/destination
chmod g-w,o-w /path/to
chmod g-w,o-w /path

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Thanks @deb task has been completed successfully!