Install and Configure PostgreSQL task marked failed!

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3,

The task has also been marked failed for me though I was able to authenticate with password using the kodekloud_roy user to database kodekloud_db8 as described in the task. The error is saying the user or the database does not exist, please check.

Can someone reply? @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

what configuration you have set in the pg_hba.conf?

I added the configuration for md5 authentication for a local connections as per below


how you got this ip it’s a example or you setup in configuration?
because we have to set generally for local and already some configuration is written there
host all all peer —> changed into md5

Step (d) Says “Make appropriate settings so that local clients connect to the database kodekloud_db through kodekloud_roy using md5 authentication.”

So which are the clients? In my understanding, these are all hosts in that Stratos DC and because each of them starts with an IP address of 172.16.x.x as mentioned on documentation therefore the is a network address for all local clients in Stratos DC.

That line of configuration is saying I’m enabling all local clients starting with an IP address of 172.16.x.x to connect to the db kodekloud_db using kodekloud_roy and authentication with md5.

host all all peer is local connection to all databases but for the db server itself and not other clients.