Install and configure mariadb - suceess task failed

Hi Inderpreet and Mumshad,

Kindly help to check the below issue for the task i completed successfully. I managed to configure the wordpress site on thenewly created database as per task. and launched the URL using LBR link and mentioned in the question. Please find the screenshot as attached. I have spent 3 days in achieving this successfully, kindly provide me the points for the tasks. thank you

I think you have to install wordpress with following commands

tar xzvf latest.tar.gz
cd /data
change wp-config.php with database server detail

No Roopal, its already installed without which I wouldn’t be able to launch the WordPress site with the LBR url.

The task failed saying wordpress site not working with LBR working. But I have logged in using the LBR url with login credentials I created.

Inderpreet kindly mark it as successful and provide me my points :slightly_smiling_face: for the 3 days work behind this task

Hi @Indeerpreet, Mumshad, Kodekloud team – Please acknowledge the issue and provide me points for the task and mark it successfull. I have given all the proof of my wordpress is working

Hi there

I have been assigned the same task again, i have completed successfully but again failed with the same error despite wordpress is successfully installed and launched using LBR link. Can you please find the screenshots again and help to mark the task success.

Hi any update on this please ?