Install and Configure HaProxy LBR -

Hello KodeKloud Team,

I was able to connect to the App server1 but still this task is failed.
Can you please review this solution

Thank you,

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Hello, subhash.max
If you made changes after submission then it’s not possible to mark it success. It just to review your work again. If it’s not then wait for a KKE support team to review this.

Thanks for your response… I didn’t change anything after submission.

I think the validation script need to be rechecked.

Hi @subhash.max Can’t see any issue, I can mark it Pending for you. Could you please let me know if this task was assigned to you today? or its old one. If its an old task did you already have today’s task in your bucket ?

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Hi @Inderpreet, This was assigned to me on 16-Aug. I didn’t have any pending task.

After your post I assigned with a task 17-Aug, Now have a new task (Pending).

I did all test prior to Finish the task, all were working fine and no error during my validation. Could you please recheck this validation script/available logs.

Thank you,

@subhash.max do you still have any Pending task for today or have you already completed any task today ?

@subhash.max Haproxy task is marked Success for you.

Thank you @Inderpreet