Install and Configure DB Server. Wordpress

I install mariadb , active it. create specific user and grant all permission to him. also recoverty db but task still failed. also change php file as asked on storage server.
here is screenshot

when open port 80 it show me wordpres setting page. Why task failed

Hello, lovejoi
what is the error message?

website is not setup correctly as its not working on LBR URL

Hi my task too failed with the same error…even though webiste opened in lbr host on port 80.

@lovejoi In this question I think you were given an existing DB dump to import, from your screenshot it seems like its the default Wordpress installation as using existing db dump you should be able to access the pre-built website.

@Inderpreet Could you please help to check why this task is failed for me.I hope i have configured correctly
Task details:

task failure message:

But able to see the username is correct in that file


Even able to connect mysql and able to see the site details

Thanks in Advance

@Inderpreet Any update on this?

@Inderpreet could you help to check this

Hello, @JP1986
Can you please provide them a time? They will view your issue. Don’t worry.

@player001 sure Tej.Understood

@player001 @Inderpreet - Today again i got the same task.Please let me know what to do.Do you want me to continue?I’m worrying if it fails again with same issue

@JP1986 Sorry for delayed response, what is your KKE username / email ID ?

@Inderpreet - my email id -

@JP1986 This is marked pending for you, please try again.

@Inderpreet Hi Inderpreet,

Still it is failing.Please find the details





@Inderpreet - sorry please find the snaps

Selection_032 Selection_030

@Inderpreet 2 tasks failed with same issue and both are having correct username in php file.Already gave screeshots for 1 task.Please find teh screeshots for second task as well


@Inderpreet Any update on this?