In the current kubernetes docs, in the `create-cluster-kubeadm` section, I am no . . .

Abhishek Agarwal:
In the current kubernetes docs, in the create-cluster-kubeadm section, I am not seeing any links for network-addons. So while creating a kubeadm cluster how do I get the network plugins installed so that the nodes and communicate with each other?

You need to create network addons of your choice. This is well explained in our lectures as well as in the official kubernetes documentation.

Abhishek Agarwal:
This is what I am talking about. Like Iam lectures I see that for different network addons the command to install were mentioned. But the docs above, there are no specific commands given to install them. That’s my concern.

For weave network addons, you can get that link from here:

Abhishek Agarwal:
Okay. Thank you very much.