I passed the CKA! Thanks everyone here for making the channel a valuable resou . . .

Patrick Crilly:
I passed the CKA! Thanks everyone here for making the channel a valuable resource. It was my second attempt, in the first try I missed passing the exam by 1 question. Here is some of what I learned that may be helpful:
• Read the questions very carefully…. half your time during the exam could be spent just to understand what the question is asking. The wording for some questions is pretty confusing, and it can take a while to see what is being asked. Dont be in a rush to start implementing because there are things at the very bottom of the question which could be relevant to the first task.
• A good way to practice could be to look at the yaml file for a kubernetes object, such as a NetworkPolicy or Ingress, and try to write the text for what a question would look like describing that yaml file. Being able to take a question text and translate it into yaml is very valuable.
• If you have previous knowledge of things like networking, security, and container run times, that is very valuable to understanding how these things work in k8s. If you don’t have previous knowledge on these topics (I didn’t) its worth taking a little extra time to understand those concepts, the prerequisite lectures are very helpful but may require multiple viewings and a little outside research.
• Definitely use imperative commands whenever possible because it will save you time, and time is a major constraint in the exam
• if a question seems like its hard to understand or going to take a while, flag it to come back later. Its good to knock out the quick wins and circle back at the end of the test to the few questions that will take you longer.
• Although I had a good grasp of the basics, I needed a little extra time with the networking section, especially as it relates to services, network policy, and ingress. Make sure you are comfortable with creating roles and role bindings, and persistent volumes and persistent volume claims.
Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth for an excellent course. Anytime I am learning a new technology I will first check for your course! Great job

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Congratualtions @Patrick Crilly. In exam Is it possible to get a question to install/bootstrap a cluster in hard way? If so how much time I should target in my practice. Also did you get any questions on JSONPath?

Patrick Crilly:
I had to upgrade a cluster, but not install. There were a couple things where Json path was useful although I think you can do it other ways too. I found that Json path was not tricky to learn and picked it up pretty quickly compared to some of the other things we had to learn

Good to know Thanks @Patrick Crilly I agree many of the slack members said CKA comes with tricky questions specially on netpol, svc, Ingress/Egress or allowing traffic between pods. I am writing CKA exam this month end. Thanks.

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Congratulations @Patrick Crilly!!!