I passed my CKA exam. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth & team for creating this co . . .

Pratik Patel:
I passed my CKA exam. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth & team for creating this course which is the best in class to understand fundamentals of Kubernetes. Thanks @Tej_Singh_Rana, @Mohamed Ayman, @Rakesh Kumar Parida & slack community members for your suggestions, guidance and clearing my doubts. All the best everyone with your CKA & Kubernetes journey.

My course notes are here if anyone want to refer. ( feel free to pm me if anything needs to be corrected there )


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Congratulations @Pratik Patel :hugging_face:

Raja g:
Congratulations Pratik…

Your notes are too good… Thanks for the notes…

I have small doubt reg CKA exam…

  1. Exam time has been reduced to 2hr – is this true…
  2. Syllabus also changed/re-structured right(I mean weightage and topics)…?
  3. did they trim down the questions also…? if yes, how many questions now in the exam…
    Thanks in advance… :blush:

Pratik Patel:
Hi @Raja g Thanks,

Yes exam time is 2 hours and you could get between 15-20 questions.
Syllabus can be found here in “Exam Details”

Pratik Patel:
Thanks @Tej_Singh_Rana :simple_smile:

The notes link is throwing a 404 error. Could you please check.

Hi @shabri1980
The link got pasted twice. I copied the URL till CKA and it worked for me. Pasting below for reference

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Congrats @Pratik Patel.
Thanks for sharing your notes. It is detailed and will be helpful for a quick revision before the test.
Did you get any “very difficult” questions? Please share your exam experience if possible.